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Straightright101 Series: EVERYBODY

Straightright101 Series: EVERYBODY

Philosophy is defined as: the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. Philosophy is sorely misrepresented in the sport of boxing. Since 1999, Kevin Lightburn, Head Coach of Straightright Boxing & Fitness, has preached the philosophy that has propelled many champions and gym attendees alike in times of dire need. Whether you're having a bad day at work or having a tough time in the ring the Straightright 101 Series will remind of the iconic sayings that have gotten many through tough times.


A chilling mantra. A reminder that not all will live in supremacy. Dreams are dreams. Without works, faith is dead. You can believe but you must sacrifice and WORK toward dreams. Otherwise, you will not make it. To want to be a champion is one thing; to work for it ensures you will be.

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