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Havoc on the Hill: Redemption Tank

Havoc on the Hill: Redemption Tank

Celebrate a Kalvin " Hot Sauce" Henderson's redemption and return to the ring in 2021, in a KO victory, with this throwback muscle tee! Havoc on the Hill was a Northwest Arkansas first time collaboration between Straightright and Conley Fitness with Hot Sauce as the main event! 

After suffering a catastrophic shoulder injury and his first loss in a classic bout with Isaiah Steen, Henderson returned in dramatic fashion to his gym home state of Arkansas. The decision loss was controversial and left a sour taste in Team Hot Sauce's mouths. Henderson delivered an explosive knockout early and decisively, October 31 2021, to prove the injury had not hindered his boxing prowess. This shirt was created to always remind us all, it's not over until you yourself allow it to be!

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